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Connect core software with best-in-class cloud-based systems, 3rd party applications, external data sources, EDI, Online Marketplaces, etc. 

With growing adoption of best-in-class applications, both on premise and cloud-based, IT is continually faced with the challenges of “making it all work together.”  For our customers, this includes one of their businesses most valuable assets –  core applications running on IBM i. 

It can be a daunting task without the right skills, experience, and tooling.  Fortunately, Tree Line has years of experience with traditional integrations methods via web services, API’s and EDI along with the latest advanced technologies.

Our integration experience includes;

  • 3rd party applications

  • B2B partners

  • Websites & Marketplaces

  • Credit card and payment systems

  • POS systems

  • Extractions for business analysis tools

  • EDI

  • JSON, XML, CSV interfaces 

  • IBM i developers

The goal is, of course, to improve business outcomes by leveraging the value contained within your IBM i core applications while enabling unfettered integration with today’s new breed of best-in-class applications.


To get the conversation started or to simply learn more about Tree Line and our capabilities please click below and we will be in touch promptly.

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