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Extend and Enhance! Minimize Disruption!

Modernization strategies that enhance application usability, maintainability and ready our clients for the opportunities enabled by the digital economy.  This coupled with pragmatic approaches that best suit needs and budgets.  Applications, Databases, GUI/Browser-enabled, and even Legacy S/36.

Modernization can be broadly defined as the improvement of usability and maintainability of IT systems while Digital Transformation is about organizations solving business problems through the effective use of those systems.  Both share the common goal of speeding delivery of successful business outcomes through the innovative use of systems and supporting technology.  At Tree Line we work with our clients to help deliver on these goals.

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But, today we all face challenges in pursuit of these goals.  Businesses are under constant pressure to meet the ever-evolving landscape of requirements from customers, trading partners and within their organization.  In addition, we’re up against a quickening rate of technological change and its impact on older, more rigid legacy systems.  These technological changes come in the form of new best-in-class applications that may be premise or cloud-based, mobile apps, and the need to connect everything.

And of course, competition is advancing - we see it everywhere - organizations rapidly adopting new solutions just to keep up with shifting technologies.


How are we to deliver the systems and capabilities users are demanding today?  How can we stay ahead of our competition while maintaining the flexibility in our systems that allows for future change?  And, how do we do it all within budgets and time constraints of the modern business cycle?  


  • Legacy systems that require updating

  • Limited skills/resources

  • Need to deliver value now through applications and services users are demanding

  • Desire to take advantage of best-in-class cloud or premise applications

  • Requirement to integrate everything to ensure data consistency and process flow


The Opportunity:

  • Build a cohesive, yet flexible IT strategy that leverages the best of current systems with best of modern applications

  • Integrate all through a common, adaptable framework that is manageable and cost effective

  • Deliver new applications with speed, connect with partners through a well defined interface, manage your data across all channels    

Addressing Legacy Systems

Your legacy systems are an asset!  Yes, they may be a liability as well, but there is substantial value contained within the data and business logic of those systems.  Yes, they need to be modernized for maintainability over the long run, but theses systems, which have run the business for many years, can be leveraged to deliver on the today’s challenges.  As well, these systems tend to be highly reliable and stable.

It may not be sensible, and you may not have the runway to modernize all your legacy systems rapidly.  As well, there is high risk with larger legacy modernization projects.  Its far more pragmatic to tackle modernization in manageable chunks over time.

With roots extending to the early AS/400 and beyond, our team is well positioned to understand the challenges and issues faced with modernizing and enhancing legacy green screen interfaces, monolithic applications and older rigid database structures.   


Depending on client needs, our methods can vary from a controlled, incremental approach carried out for a sustained period to minimize risk, to larger scale target driven approaches.  During the modernization process we’ll offer unbiased evaluation of modernization platforms to determine if the use of a tool would be the best approach for a client’s unique needs. Whether or not tooling is employed for the project, skilled Tree Line consultants can help manage and execute modernization of green-screen environments, databases and enable highly productive GUI-browser-based applications.     

To get the conversation started or to simply learn more about Tree Line and our IBM i and AS/400 programming capabilities please click below and we will be in touch promptly.

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