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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence offers clients a competitive advantage through insightful information, drill downs, and graphical presentation resulting in improved decision making.  The perception of complexity and cost related to analytics is a thing of the past as we deliver streamlined, affordable, and easy-to-use solutions.

If they haven’t already, Management more than likely has plans to leverage business intelligence, analytics and metrics to improve business performance.  In fact, IBM research found that 83% have plans that include business intelligence and analytics to increase company competitiveness.

Tree Line offers expert level specialties in;



- IBM DB2 Web Query for i

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DB2 Web Query for i

If you’re looking for a business intelligence solution that is affordable, easy-to-deploy and that leverages the power of your existing IBM i Db2 database and business data, then Db2 Web Query is a great fit. Db2 Web Query for i is a business intelligence solution that helps turn information into insight. Db2 Web Query for i provides tools to build reporting, custom dashboards, drill-downs and ad hoc query capability through a simple-to-use user interface. It can help ensure every decision maker within your organization can easily find, analyze and share the information they need to make faster, more profitable decisions.

Design and Implementation Considerations

IBM's Db2 Web Query for i requires planning and experience to ensure a productive implementation. To get the most out of Db2 Web Query, you’ll need to consider your underlying data, the metadata, and the presentation image you want to create. Also, attention should be given to how you want to organize and secure access to the underlying data, as well as assess configuration decisions and the need for optional components.  And, of course, the correct PTF packages must be applied.

Tree Line Data’s experience with Db2 Web Query for i will expedite your implementation process and help you navigate all the details to ensure you are productive quickly with minimal investment.   Our goal is to get the most effective dashboards and graphical reports into the hands of your users quickly and flawlessly.

Db2 Web Query for i

  • Affordable and Easy-to-Use

  • Designed and optimized for IBM i Db2

  • Supports Microsoft® SQL Server®, MySQL®, Postgres® and other relational databases.

  • Supports Dashboards with key metrics, Mobile devices, Auto-Drill downs, and Excel integration

  • Includes Query/400 automated migration support

To get the conversation started or to simply learn more about Tree Line and our capabilities please click below and we will be in touch promptly.

Tree Line resources are skilled in traditional IBM i database technologies and RPG programming along with modern environments provided with Db2 and SQL. In addition, Tree Line specializes in IBM’s Web Query business intelligence offering.


Resources...     Learn more about DB2 Web Query for i on its official website

Tree Line Expert Resources (IBM Systems Magazine):

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